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            PVC//Wood Plastic Crust Foam Board Production Line


            PVC//Wood Plastic Crust Foam Board Production Line
            1. PVC Furniture Plate Production line
            2. PVC BathCabinet /Cabinet Plate Production Line
            3. PVC Floor Plate Production Line
            4. PVC Co-extrusion Production Line
            5. PVC Advertising Board Production Line
            6. PVC Building Template Production Line
            Plastic Extruder Series
            1. Small Co-extruder
            2. Mono Screw Extruder
            3. Twin Conical Screws Extruder
            Extrusion Lines For Plates, Flat Films And Sheets
            1. PET Packing Belt / Drawbench Production Line
            2. PC / PP / PE and PVC Plastic Hollow Cross Section Plate Extrusion Line
            3. PVC Free Foamed Sheet, Board, Decoration Sheet Production Line
            4. Wide Floor Sheet / Waterproof Sheet Production Line
            5. XPS Foamed Board Extrusion Line
            6. PE / PP Foamed Board Production Line
            7. PC / PP / PE Hollow Profile Board Production Line
            8. PVC Half-crust Foamed Board Production Line
            9. PVC Crusted Foamed Plate Production Line
            10. PVC Crust Foamed Plate Production Line
            11. PP / PE Board Production Line
            12. ABS Single Layer / Multi-Layers Composite Sheet Production Line
            13. PC / PMMA / PS / MS Sheet Production Line
            14. PP / PE / HIPS / PET / EVA / EVAOH Single Layer / Multi-Layers Composite Sheet Production Line
            15. Unidirectional and two-direction Plastic Earthwork Grid Production Line
            16. PVC artificial marble board/lamination sheet production line
            17. PVC Stone Plastic Floor Production Line
            Extrusion Lines For Pipes
            1. Large Diameter HDPE Water Supply and Gas Supply Pipe Extrusion Line
            2. Large Diameter UPVC Solid Wall Tube Production Line
            3. Large Diameter (Steel Frame) Rotating Hollow Wave Tube
            4. Vertical and horizontal HDPE/PVC large-caliber double-wall corrugated pipe and PVC reinforced pipe production line
            5. Common Diameter HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line
            6. GF-63 Twin Pipe Extrusion Production Line
            7. PE Carbon Spiral Reinforcing Pipe Production line
            8. UHMW-PE Pipe or Plate Extrusion Line
            9. PVC / PE Cross-Section Communication Cable Pipe Extrusion Line
            10. PE-RT PP-R and PEX Dual-Strand Pipe Extrusion Line
            11. High Pressure RTP Twisted Composite Pipe Extrusion Line&Fittings
            12. Special use single-wall and double-wall corrugated pipe machine
            13. Small Diameter Special Pipe Extrusion Line
            14. PVC-C High Voltage Cable Protection Pipe Extrusion Line
            15. Aluminum-PPR Pipe Extrusion Line
            16. PVC Fiber Enhancing Soft Pipe Unit
            17. The U-PVC foamed inside spiral muffle pipe production line PVC-ABS composite water supply pipe production line
            18. HDPE Speed Hdpe Silicone Core Tube Extruder Production Line
            19. Pre-stress plastic corrugated pipe production line
            20. GFQ Series Automatic Pipe No-dust Cutter and Planetary Cutter
            21. ZSGK Series Automatic PVC Pipe Belling Machine and Mould.
            Profiled Material Production Line
            1. PVC Edge Bang Productin Line
            3. PVC Profiled Material Production Line
            4. WPC Wall Panel Production Line
            Extrusion line for Granulation
            1. Plastic extruding granulation unit
            2. Extrusion line for granulation from recycled waste film
            3. The SLZ compulsion feed-in type conical screw recovery granulation unit
            4. Extrusion line for pigment palletizing
            Auxiliary Equipments
            1. SMP-400 Powder grinder
            2. SWP Series Plastic Crusher
            3. SHRL High-speed Mixing and Cooling Machine
            Extrusion series mould
            1. PP / PE pipe mould
            • East Of Pingcheng Road, Jiaoxi Industrial Park, Jiaozhou of Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China
            • 0532-82217766
            • 0532-82217766
            • zhongsu@madeplasticmachinery.com
            Technical Parameters

               PVC Furniture Plate Production line
            Equipment Characteristics:
            The upgraded high technical foaming skills are utilized in this line. The equipment is constituted of twin conical double screw extruding machine, special designed plate mould, vaccum calibration table, puller and cutter. This line with a compact structure, excellent performance and well equipped. The transmission device, screw, barrel and foam head mould are all from China Famous factory. We cooperate with each other and do research together. The equipment is characterized by the evenly plasticizing, high output, reasonable design, high accuracy and parts made of best quality material, good stability, easy to control and steady extrusion output. The electrical control devices are all famous brands: Siemens, ABB, Schneider and other international brands(not fake). 
            Each part of our machine is chosen according to the international standard. No matter in which country you will manufacture with our machine,  the Zhongsu equipment can be normally used all over the world.
            PVC crust foam board and PVC wood plastic composite foam board has both the advantages of wood and plastic. The board can overcome the shortcomings of the natural wood. As for the human environment protection consciousness enhancement, the PVC wood composite material is gradually recognized by people and applied widely. It gradually replaces the natural timber which is pushing the environmental protection cause developing procedure. PVC wood plastic foam board is a new type crust foam plate. The board has a foam core, with a light density and high hardness which can be processed by the wood processing method.
            Product Characteristics : 
            water proof,flame retardant, resistance to acid and alkali, low density, heat preservation,sound isolation,  shock absorption
            1.It can be processed through the wood processing method , while its processing performance is far more excellent than wood.
            2.It is the ideal substitute of the wood, aluminum, composite glued board. 
            3.The crust board surface is very smooth and hard with little scratches.
            4.The boards are used to make furniture and cabinet.
            Since 2006 Qingdao Zhongsu Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd have produced foamed boards for eleven years with fabulous experience. This line is developed by ourselves combining the free foamed board production line and PVC crust foam board production line which is a new type energy saving high effecience foam board production line. The line takes up a great proportion in domestic and overseas market. Welome friends from different industries come to visit our factory.
            The characteristics of products and processing performance
            1. PVC Crust foam board has the property as sound isolation, sound absorption, heat isolation and heat preservation  
            2.The board is flame retardant and self extinguishable. It won't cause any fire disaster and can be used safely. 
            3. Each series products have the characteristics such as moisture proof, mould proof, no water absorption and good shock absorption.
            4.The formula of the boards is weather-proof. The color of the board won’t fade. The board produced has a long service life.
            5. For its light weight, it is convenient to be stored, transported and constructed.
            6. The construction of the boards can be realized with the general wood processing tools.
            7.The board just like the wood can be drilled, sawed, nailed, planed ,sticked and etc.
            8. It can be hot formed, bended and folded.
            9. It can be welded according to the general welding procedure, and can also be bonded with other PVC materials.
            10. Its surface is smooth. The board can be covered with plastic film, heat transfer printed and other two kinds of processing. 
            The Prospect of PVC Furniture Plate
            Nowadays PVC industry has developed rapidly all over the world with a great prospect. The potential of the PVC and its benefits on ecological environment are recognized by many countries. Given to its excellent and unique performance, PVC has proved itself that its application and significance can't be replaced by other product. It does play an important role in the society development and the environmental protection. It is the inevitable trend of the human society civilization progress.
            As the PVC industry is booming all over the world, unfortunately the PVC furniture material(including cabinet) has taken up less than 10% in domestic market. Many consumers even haven't heard of PVC as furniture material and don't know what is PVC. The PVC has been seemed as a high grade, non-toxic, no pollution material( excluding heavy metal material) in Germany, while in China the market propotion of the PVC material is so small. What dose cause so big difference?  First,The consumption level of the citizens from two countries are different. Second, the Chinese customer without a entire recognization of the PVC material does matter much more. Thus the capacity of PVC as furniture material is restricted , it developes in a small scale. However we can believe that with the mutual efforts of our competers and the matured market, the PVC industry will make a new step upwards in the furniture fields.
            PVC foam board: The boards have advantages such as anti-corrosive, moisture-proof, mould proof, unbibulous;
            drilling, sawing, planing, easy to hot shaping, bending and other characteristics. The boards are widely used in furniture, cabinet, bath cabinet, exhibition frame, case core, internal and external decoration, construction material, chemistry industry. The board can be second processed by marking advertisement, printing, screen printing, spraying painting, computer lettering,package of the electronic instrument.
            PVC hard plastic plate: It has excellent corrosion resistance, insulation and certain mechanical strength. After second processing, it can be made up as container of the sulfuric and hydrochloric acid, medical needle holder, chemistry project holder, public toilet water tank; mould plate for product, decoration board, exhaust pipe line, internal layer of various heteromorphosis equipment or container. It is the ideal material for chemistry, construction, decoration and other industries.

            Online inquiry:
            If you have any questions, feedback or comments, please fill out the form below and we will reply you as soon as possible.

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