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            Industry Information
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            • 0532-82217766
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            Production High Purity Recycle Plastics with Wast Plastics

            release time | 2017-03-18

            According to reports, the Japanese company has developed a new waste plastics processing equipment by using the waste plastics to produce high purity recycled plastic. The equipment can remove the tiny impurities and moisture in the waste plastics to produce high purity recycled plastic from waste plastics.According to the company, the characteristics of this kind of waste plastics processing equipment is programmed to run many times to remove the impurities.It first dissolved the crushed plastic, filtered, made them into plastic particles. And then  the vacuum pump is used to remove the impurities and moisture mixed in plastic particles. The waste plastics processing equipment finally re-use powerful filter to extract the remaining small impurities.

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